Visits and Exchanges with HE Institutions or Relevant Organisations


Exchange/Visit Partner

Description of Activities

2008 2006, 2002 Elisabetta Ticco, Scuola Stefanini, Venice, Italy Teaching exchange and student visit program
2007, 2005 David Martinez- La Neveva Lecturing and workshop visit, student workshops
2008, 2007, 2006, 2005 Hala Al Yamani, University of Bethlehem, Palestine Lecturing exchange, development support program, research links
2005-2003 Children of Chernobyl, Belaruus Host teaching program
2004-2001 University of Jyvaskyla, Finland Visiting Lecturer
2002, 2000, 1998 Theatre Academy of Finland, Pekka Korhonen Study visits held at UCC for TAF students & staff exchange teaching.
2000/1999/1998 Helsinki Polytechnic (STADIA) Erasmus/Socrates teaching partner, teaching exchange
2000/1998 Turku Polytechnic Teaching exchange
1998 Oulu City Theatre Theatre and process drama exchange visit
2006-1996 Community Partners in Cheshire and the North West e.g. Samaritans/residential care centres/prisons/police/schools/hospitals Close contact via drama projects for mutual benefit in terms of lifelong learning
2003-2000 C&T, University College Worcester. Funded via DfEE. Collaboration on the trial of interactive web-based/digital drama programmes e.g. ‘Living Newspaper’, with PGCE Course