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Description of Activities

27th - 28th April 2011 University of Bethlehem and An Najah University Steering Committee Meeting for World Bank Project. Street theatre & Pre-text planning
17th - 31st May 2011 Universities, Katayanagi, Tsuta, Tokyo City and Tokyo Gakugei, Japan Pretext tour and associate discussions, Japan
26th - 27th April 2011 University of Bethlehem and An Najah University, Nablus, Palestine Meeting and preparation with steering committee of the Pedagaogical Capacity Building Project, Palestine
6th - 7th April 2011 Innovation Unit, Lahti University of Technology, Finland to Chester Anne Passila visit in preparation for Manager 2.0 Research project. Also presented jointly with AO at Faculty of Ed.Seminar.Chester
19th - 29th March 2011 Universities of Malaga-Spain, PHWien-Austria, Flensburg-Germany, Linkopings-Sweden, Tartu-Estonia, Vilnius Applied Sciences-Lithuania Teacher’s Interultural Awareness and Competence’, 10 day Intensive Program, hosted by at University of Chester
14th March 2011 HUK, Beirut, Lebanon Visit by Principal and International Officer to explore partnership
10th -12th March 2011 Tokyo City University & Tokyo Gakugei University, Japan Lecture by Professor Hiraoki Nakajiima: Brecht in Japan-Failed Reception of his Lerstuck Concept. Lecture by Professor Hirohisa Ogawa and Professor Junko Iwata, Tokyo Gakugei University.
7th - 11th February 2011 La Neveva, Girona, Pa’thothom, Barcelona PGCE Drama research study visit
6th January - 5th February 2011 University of Malaga, Spain Study Visit by Dr Teresa Rascon Gomez, contribution to Intercultural context for drama pedagogy.
5-6th Sept 2010 Tokyo City University Tokyo Gakugei University, Okinawa Festival Lecture and seminar for post-graduates at Chester by Prof Yuri Kobayashi, Dr Takao Takashi and Hisahsi Shimayoa. Organised in conjunction with the Japan Foundation London.
9-12th March 2010 Tokyo City University Visit by Professor Yuri Kobayashi to further research and instiutional co-operation
February 2010 Charles University Prague Discussions with Jaroslav Provznic, Dept. of  Drama with PGCE Drama students
Feb 2010 Linkopings Univerity & PHWien, Vienna Meeting with Commenius and ip bid partners
December 2009 PH Wien, Vienna, Austria Meeting with bid partners Commenius 2.1 in Austria