External Activities

Doctoral Supervision 2012-2018

  • Queering Blackpool: An Ethnographic Study.
  • Personal, Social, Political: analysing the youth theatre experience for young people aged 11 to 18.
  • Presence That Makes a Difference: Transformative Agency in Applied Drama and Theatre.
  • Drama in the Swedish School System: A non-dichotomous approach to drama in education.
  • Professional Encounters in Art and Learning: Artists, Teachers and Pedagogues.
  • The Ecotone and Social Cohesion: the use of drama in a Swedish primary school education.
  • Leaving Everything Behind: understanding the experience of Palestinian academics and their families in the UK.
  • The Language of Fear: and ethnographic study of the impact of neoliberal data driven leadership on the learning and teaching of English literature in the Palestinian school system.
  • An Autoethographic Exploration of the tension between tradition and Innovation in the art of song writing.
  • New Felt Present: a community of practice.
  • Constructing an Evocative Report: Negotiated Roles and Ethical Dilemmas.
  • An ethnographic study of teacher-led professional development in locations within the Bwindi region of Uganda.
  • Flash Fiction: Using Arts Based Research to explore social work students experience of CR. (Commencing Sept. 2018]

Masters Taught Dissertation Supervision last 5 years



Description of Activity

2011-2013 Supervisor Sleepwalking in to Segregation: drama and the intercultural
2011-2013 Supervisor Drama and the learner teacher relationship
2011-2013 Supervisor Drama and the Politics of the intercultural
2012 Supervisor Drama in the Learning of Modern Foreign Languages
2012 Supervisor Skills and knowledge in drama and theatre with young people
2012 Supervisor Drama and Language
2012 Supervisor Social Action through Drama Pedagogy
2011-2013 Supervisor Drama: Academic understandings
2012 Supervisor Devising Theatre with Young People
2011-2013 Supervisor The Ensemble