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September 2013 - July 2015 Drama connecting People: working with marginalized groups.
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Grundtvig Project, E Book publication Gruntvig European Partners, Austria, Estonia, Finland, Germany
10th - 12th June 2015 Rattling:- Arts Based Initiatives in in Learning and Transformation.
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Joint track chair with Dr Anne Passila 10TH international IFKAD Conference Bari, Italy
10th November 2014 - July 2015 Arts Based Initiatives: creating a sustainable model HEIF KT Project Anne Passila, LUT Finland, Frodsham Foundatiion, Monica Bagioli University of Arts: London College of Communiication
6th - 7th March Reflexivity: arts in Organisations.
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RECAP/Liverpool Tate , Learning Jam 2 day event, delegates from Denmark, Norway, Finland Funded by the Society for the Advancemnet of Management Studies I association with Gnosis Liverpool Management school, LUT Finland and RECAP
15th February 2015 Ongoing Interpreting the Live, Profound Pedagogy Project Chester Zoo Learning and Discovery Department
10th November 2014 – May 2015 Frodsham Foundation Stage 2.
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Public Participatory Consultation Frodsham Foundation
10th January - 19th October 2014 Frodsham Foundation Stage 1.
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Participatory brokerage process Frodsham Foundation and RSA
26th - 27th August 2014 International Summer School & Learning Jam.
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A two day participatory process on arts based initiatives Anne Passila, and Kai Lehikoinen Theatre Academy-University of Arts, Helsinki at the Arts Lab Copenhagen and the Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
3rd - 4th July Writing Seminar Henrik Sproedt (SPIRE) Sclesweig Holstein
28th June - 2nd July 2014 Applied Dram and Theatre Seminar Preben Fris, interactive co-development workshops SPIRE Research Centre, Kolding, Design School, University of Southern Denmark
11th - 13th June 2014 Arts Based Initiatives in Innovation and Organisational Development.
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With Dr Anne Passila, LUT, Finland Joint Track Chair , IFKAD, Matera, Italy
March 2012 - December 2014 Gypsy Roma Traveller and Settled communities: an arts based research project Travelling methodologies’ series of pre-text performances, workshops, exhibitions and papers Barbara Pickford, Cheshire West and Cheshire Author & Prof Rob Hulme, Unit for Transprofessionalism University of Chester