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Feb 2011 Co-Author ‘Mapas  Teatrales: Crear, desarrollar y evaluar prextos dramaticos’. Catalunya:  (Book, 241 pages)  ISBN 978-84-477-1110-9  Spanish Edition PPU Publishing
25th-27th Feb 2011 Speaker and course leader Pretexts and social intervention Theatre Pa’thotom, Barcelona
18-20th October Keynote First National Arts & Professions Fair Theatre Academy Of Finland, Helsinki
2-9th August 2010 Performer and workshop leader Tour in collaboration with with Taichi-kikaku Theatre Company of Dreaming Dream Waltz and Urashima Theatre Academy of Finland, Tikurilla City Theatre Vaanta Helsimki, Metropolia, Kokola City Theatre, Ostrobothnia Arts, Finland
7-10th July 2010 Co-author conference paper Holtham,C.,Owens, A. and Bogdanov, M. Improving visual perception and
representation by managers
28th  Conference on Organisational Symbolism SCOS, Lille, France
28-30th June 2010 Co-author conference paper Holtham, C. Ward, V. and Owens, A. Slow Knowledge work-designing Space and Learning Euopean Group for Organisational Studies 26th Colloquim, Lisbon
June 2010 Co-author book Owens, A. and Green, N. (2010). Applied Drama: Communication through Pre-texts, Tokyo (192 pages) ISBN978-4-8100-0561 Tosha Bunka Publishing, Tokyo, Japan.
7-12th June 2010 Performance and workshop leader Urashima with Naomi Green, Japanese Performances: Katayanagi Instiute NEC (07.06.10) National Children’s Theatre Association (10.06.10),  Tokyo Gakugai (11.06.10) Toho Gakuen(12.06.10) Taichi-Kikaku Theatre 12. 06.10)
21-23rd April 2010 Round table presenter Performance with a Purpose, International Applied Drama Conference Central School, University of London
25-28th March 2010 Performance and workshop leader Yukki Onna, at the  Estonian National Applied Drama and Theatre Conference Viljandi Culture Academy, Univeristy of Tartu, Estonia
February 2010 Co-author 2nd Edition 2nd Edition Draama Kompassi with new forward of combined publications ‘Draama Sunistus’ & Draama Toimi (2010), Owens, A. and Barber, K. Edited  by Korhonnen, P. and Ariksininen, R.  ISBN 978-951-98945-6-0
(192 pages)
Draamatyo, Helsinki, Finland
January 2010 Co-author book chapter Owens, A. and Al Yamani, H. Using process drama to understand self and other: the Palestinian situation, in Blood Sweat and Theory: Research Through Practice in Performance, Freeman, J.  pp.21-32 ISBN 978-1-907471-04-9 Libri Publishing, London
January 2010 Author of Letter ‘Longer Odds for Palestine’, Times Higher Education, No. 1,930, 14-20, p. 30. Times Higher Education
December 2009 Editorial team member With Shu, J. and Chan, P. (2009), Planting Trees of Drama with Global Vision in Local Knowledge: the IDEA Dialogues 2007.Hong Kong. ISBN 978-962-8321-85-8 (492 pages IDEA, Hong Kong, China
December 2009 Co-author With Hulme, R, Cracknell, D.Learning in Third Spaces: Developing trans-professional understanding through practitioner enquiry, Journal of Educational Action Research, Volume 17, Issue 4, December 2009, pp.537-550. Journal of Educational Action Research