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21st-30th April 2013 Performer and Workshop leader Antony and Cleopatra Pre-text with Naomi Green. NEC- Katayanagi Institute, JNCTA Olympic Village, Taichi-kikaku Theatre Company, Shin Nakano, Tokyo, Japan.
21st-28th October 2012 Key note and Pre-text Performance Pre-texts for Change- Keynote, Black Cat Pre-text, Maximum Security Prison Maetaguse. 3rd Estonian National Applied Drama Conference, Maetaguse, Estonia. British Council Estonia and the University of Tartu.
July 2012 Co-author ‘Building on cultural spaces and places for enhancing the intuitive capabilities of students of business and management.’ With Holtham, C. and Dove, A.
Click here. Selected for publication in the Special Issue of the Journal Art, Design and Communication in Higher Education (ADCHE)
Design and Research Society
5th - 7th July 2012 Co-author Who has the main role in the intersection of arts and organisational life? With Passila, A. and Korhonen, P. European Group for Organisational Study, ‘Design?’28th EGOS Colloquium, Aalto University & Hanken School of Economics,Helsinki, Finland
May 2012 Author Doing stories together, in: Brien, J. (2012). Teaching Primary English, pp. 20-21,. ISBN 978-0-85702-156-4 London: Sage
April 2012 Performer and Workshop Leader ‘Black Cat- Yamato Takeru’ with Naomi Green NEC Katayangi University, , JCTA- Olympic Centre, Tokyo, Japan
December 2011 Co-author ‘Using the Urban to span Diverse Disciplines’ PESTLHE, Glasgow/LSE
November 2011 Author ‘Pilgrim’ (2011) in ‘The Greatest Shows on Earth: from Peter Brook to the Sydney Olympics Ed. Freeman, J. Middlesex: ISBN 978 1 907471 54 4 pp..110-127 Libri Publishing, London
2nd - 6th August 2011 Performer and Workshop Leader Masterclass: The Professional l Drama Practitioner Theatre Academy of Finland, Helsinki
23rd - 24th June 2011 Co-author With Clive Holtham and Angela Dove, Building on cultural spaces and places for enhancing the intuitive capabilities of students of business and management . International Conference: SkinDeep - experiential knowledge and multi sensory communication” Design Research Society Special Interest Group on Experiential Knowledge (eskig) University for the Creative Arts, Farnham Castle, UK
16th - 31st May 2011 Performer and Workshop Leader ‘Izanami and Izanagi’with Naomi Green. Performances following the March Tsunami. NEC Katayangi University, Tokyo City University, Tsuta University, Tokyo Gakugei University, JCTA Tokyo, Japan.
February 2011 Co-author ‘Mapas Teatrales: Crear, desarrollar y evaluar prextos dramaticos’. Catalunya: (Book, 241 pages) ISBN 978-84-477-1110-9 Spanish Edition PPU Publishing, Barcelona, Spain
25th -27th February 2011 Speaker and course leader Pretexts and social intervention Theatre Pa’thotom, Barcelona, Spain
7th - 9th January 2011 Speaker and course leader Three day national course RAD: Swedish National Drama Course, Vasterbergs, Sweden