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10th August 2015 Adams, J. and Owens, A. (2015) Creativity and Democracy in Education: practices and politics of learning through the arts London: Routledge. See more information. Book - 180 pages Y
7th-11th August 2015 Passila, A. and Owens, A. The Prof and Alice: Arts-Based Methods for Organizational Change, Academy of Management (AOM) PDW Y
2nd-4th July 2015 Turning to Learning: Organising Reflection and Creating Space for Reflexive Practices via Arts Based Initiatives , European Group for Organisation Studies (EGOS) Academic Paper Y
10th-12th June 2015 Passila, A., Owens, A. and Pulkki, M., Learning Jam: the back story of creating polyphonic understanding in work based practice, International Forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics (IFKAD): Culture, Innovation and Entrepreneurship: connecting the knowledge dots, Bari, Italy. See more information. Academic Paper Y
9th-11th March 2015 Lehikoinen,K , Passila, A. and Owens, A. Critical Reflection and the arts as third spaces, Organisation, Learning and Knowledge Conference (OLKC), Milan. See more information. Academic Paper Y
24th-25th October 2014 Reaching from behind: Applied Drama, Sillamae and Navre, Estonia. See more information. Performance: Estonian National TV broadcast Y
25th-29th April 2015 Echo of Dreams, Pre-text Interactive Performance’ with Naomi Green and Taichi Kikaku Theatre Company, Shin Nakano and Fukashima Province, Japan. Performance Y
April 2015 Owens, A. (2014). Translating and Understanding: pre-text based drama (pp. 45-68). (Ed.) Pekka Korhonen ja Raija Airaksinen, Helsinki: Draamatayo. ISBN -9 78- 9-526 -670416. See more information. Chapter in Book Y
October 2014 Owens, A. and Barber, K. (2014) Draama compass: Protsessdraama Kasiirimaat. ISBN 978-9985-4-0843-8. See more information. Book - 180 pages Estonian Translation Y
June 2014 Owens, A. , Pickford, B. & Pickford, A. (2014). Developing Understandings of Gypsy Traveller culture: Michael’s Story: Chester Academic Press. ISBN 978-1-908258-12-0. See more information. CDROM & DVD Y
11th-18th April 2014 Owens, A. (11.04.2014-18.04.2014) Wagamama no Kyogen Pre-text. Research based process drama in to the concept of ‘Kosuki’ in professional and social contexts. In collaboration with Naomi Green & Yosuke Ohashi- Taichi-kikaku Theatre Company. Tokyo, Japan. Performance Y
18th May 2010 - 6th August 2012 Owens, A. (18.05.2010-06.08.2012) ‘Urashima Pre-text’. Research based process drama into perceptions of time and use of the pre-text form in professional contexts. In collaboration with Nomi Shimizu Green and Taichi-kikaku Theatre Company. Tokyo. UK, Japan, Finland. Performance Y