External Drama Examining

Doctoral research supervision & examining last 5 years



Description of Activities

2015 PhD Internal Examiner Voicing Migration Experiences- a Collaborative Visual Ethnography, PhD University of Chester
2015 EdD Internal Examiner Learning to Teach Mathematics: Navigating the Landscape of Teacher Education, University of Chester
2014 PhD External Examiner In-between zones: the impact of class and ethnicity on engagement with the Birmingham Repertory Theatre’s Youth Theatre (The Young Rep). University of Warwick
2013 PhD External Examiner Re-considering Hyogen Education: for the whole person in the 21st Century,Institute of Education, Warwick University
2012 PhD External Examiner Mantle of the Expert: the Legacy of Dorothy Heathcote, University of Leicester
2012 PhD External Examiner Process Drama: an investigation in to the paradox of negotiating fictional contexts for meaningful learning, Faculty of Humanities and School of Education, The University of the West Indies, Jamaica
2012 PhD External Examiner Towards Professional Growth: essays on learning and teaching forest economics and marketing through drama, role-play and reflective journals, Department of Forest Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, University of Helsinki, Finland
2015 Start date PhD Supervisor Mind thought in Drama Education
2015 Start date EdD Supervisor Drama and Narrative Pedagogy
2013 start date PhD Supervisor Drama Pedagogy
2011-start date PhD Supervisor The Constitution of Knowledge in Drama Education
2011-start date Supervisor Creativity, creative learning and cultures of learning in the meeting between school and professional artists in drama projects
2011-start date PhD Supervisor Drama and Entrepreneurial Learning
2011-start date PhD Supervisor Social and Political: How can an Interdisciplinary Approach to using the arts with young people in non-formal settings help to develop their social and political understanding?’

External Program Examiner




2010 - 2013 University College Marjon, University of Exeter MA Conflict Transformation Through Arts
2010 - 2013 University College Marjon, University of Exeter BA (Hons) Drama
2010 - 2012 Liverpool Hope University PGCE Performance Arts (Academic Adviser)
2009-10 LIPA, Liverpool John Moores University CPD Community Performing Arts
2006-08 Manchester Metropolitan University BA (Hons) Community Drama
2005-08 University of Wolverhampton BA (Hons) Drama
2004-99 University of Central Lancashire BA (Hons) Contemporary Performing Arts
2002-98 Bishop Grosseteste College, Hull University BA (Hons) Community Arts
1998-95 University College Warrington, Manchester University BA (Hons) Performing Arts
1999-98 Trinity College, London LTCL Applied Drama