Current Engagement in Research and Scholarship

  • Owens, A. and Green, N. Kabutomushi かぶとむし Pretext, 21st April- 2nd May, Tokyo University of Technology, Kamata Campus (22nd & 25th April), Applied Story Lab ASLa, Ginza (24th April); JCTA Olympic Centre, Yoyogi; (26th April) Applied Theatre Research Center, Oimachi Kyurian (28th April am); Taichi-Kikau Theatre Company at, Olympic Center, Yoyogi (28TH pm); Odaka, Minamisoma, Fukashima Province (30th April-1st May).
  • #60 Pre-texts Tour: January - December 2017 A Beyond Text Project
    The tour was founded on my practice based research into drama as an excuse to ask ‘How can we best live together?’ ’I staged 60 pre-texts around the world as part of the major EU funded international project we are leading at RECAP called ‘Beyond Text’. With a copy of the co-authored research monograph ‘Creativity, Education and Democracy’ (Adams and Owens, Routledge, 2016) in my pocket, I engaged people in and outside academia in the UK and other countries with these concepts through pre-texts as a form of public discourse.
  • 1 Jan 6 Chester, England, UK -1:00pm Peacock: Riverside, University of Chester.
  • 2 Jan 26 Bethlehem, Palestine –11:00 am Returning: Bethlehem University.
  • 3 Feb 2 Oulu, Finland-7:00 pm Ogre : Oulu City, OPK.
  • 4 Feb 3 Oulu, Finland- 3:00 pm -Ogre: Oulu City Theatre.
  • 5 Feb 4 Oulu, Finland- 11:00pm Peacock: Oulu City Theatre.
  • 6 Feb 4 Oulu, Finland- 3:00pm Ogre: Oulu City Theatre.
  • 7 Feb 8 Helsinki, Finland- 6:00pm Peacock: Musiikkitalo, Helsinki.
  • 8 Feb 14 Barcelona, Spain –7:00 pm Returning: Forn Teatre Pa’tothom.
  • 9 Feb 16 Girona, Spain 9:00 am Dreamer : University of Girona.
  • 10 Feb 16 Girona, Spain 11:00 am Dreamer: University of Girona.
  • 11 Feb 22 Chester, England, UK –7:00 pm Returning : CFoP, Riverside, UoC.
  • 12 March 1st Chester, England, UK - 1:00 pm Yukki Onna: Kingsway Campus, UoC.
  • 13 March 1st Chester, England, UK - 7:00 pm Yuki Onna: Parkgate, Diversity Festival.
  • 14 March 2nd Shrewsbury, UK - 4:30 pm Urashima: The Hive Arts Centre.
  • 15 March 7th Chester, England, UK- 11:00 am In to the Pan, Riverside, UoC.
  • 16 March 11th Chester, England, UK- 3:00pm In to the Pan, Riverside, UoC.
  • 17 March 18th Liverpool, UK, 10:30 Fable of Fred, Liverpool Hope University.
  • 18 March 18th Liverpool, UK- 1:30pm Fable of Fred, Liverpool Hope University.
  • 19 April 23rd Tokyo, Japan -10:15 am Going Somewhere, Geno Kadensha, Shinjiku.
  • 20 April 24th Tokyo, Japan -9:00am Dog & Bird, Nihon Kogakuin, Kamata.
  • 21 April 25th Tokyo, Japan- 1:00pm Dog & Bird, Nihon Kogakuin, Kamata.
  • 22 April 25th Tokyo, Japan, 7:00pm Dog & Bird, SE Business School, Kojimachi.
  • 23 April 26th Tokyo Japan - 9:00am Going Somewhere, Nihon Kogakuin, Kamata.
  • 24 April 26th Tokyo, Japan -1:00pm Going Somewhere, Nihon Kogakuin, Kamata.
  • 25 April 27th Tokyo, Japan- 9:00am Going Somewhere, Nihon Kogakuin, Kamata.
  • 26 April 27th Tokyo, Japan- 7:00pm Going Somewhere, Olympic Village, Yoyogi.
  • 27 April 28th Tokyo, Japan- 9:00am Going Somewhere, Nihon Kogakuin, Kamata.
  • 28 April 28th, Tokyo, Japan- 1:00pm Going Somewhere, Nihon Kogakuin, Kamata.
  • 29 April 29th Minamisoma, Japan -2:00pm Going Somewhere, Odaka, Fukashima.
  • 31 May 12th Vic, Spain- 12:00pm Man Who Carried His Mother, , University of Vic, Catalunya.
  • 32 May 15th Vic, Spain- 11:00am Swimmy, University of Vic, Catalunya.
  • 33 May 15th Vic, Spain- 12:30pm Swimmy, Univerisity of Vic , Catalunya.
  • 34 May 31st Chester, England, UK- 7:00pm Returning, Beswick Building, UOC.
  • 35 July 12th Chester, England, UK -1:30pm Returning, The Garrat, Storyhouse.
  • 36 July 18th Lahti, Finland,- 2:00pm Rashomon, Tapahtumapaikka, Lahti.
  • 37 July 19th Lahti, Finland - 10:00am Rashomon, Tapahtumapaikka, Lahti.
  • 38 July 20th Lahti, Finland -19:00 Swimmy, Tapahtumapaikka, Lahti.
  • 39 Sept.11 Chester, England, UK-1:00pm Bird in the Cage, Kingsway Campus, UOC.
  • 40 Oct 30th Chester, England, UK, 2:30pm Three Friends, Swedish Prog. Riverside UOC.
  • 41 Oct 31st Chester, England, UK, 1:30 pm Yukki Onna, Swedish Prog. Riverside UOC.
  • 42 Nov 10th Kohtla-Järve, Estonia, 2:00pm, Swimmy, Järve Gymnasium.
  • 43 Nov 13th Tallin, Estonia, 6:00pm Rashomon, Pelgulinna Gymnasium, Tallinna.
  • 44 Nov 15th Tallin, Estonia 5:00pm Dog & Bird, Tallinna 32. Heskkool.
  • 45 Nov 17 Helsinki, Finland-6:00pm Going Somewhere, DOT Theatre. Medelhavsgatan.
  • 46 Nov 18 Helsinki, Finland- 11:00am Stay or Go, DOT Theatre. Medelhavsgatan.
  • 47 Nov 19 Helsinki, Finland- 10:00am Men in the Sun, DOT Theatre. Medelhavsgatan.
  • 48 Nov 22nd Chester, UK, 5:00 pm Bird in the Cage, Kingsway Campus, UOC.
  • 49 Nov 28th Stockholm, Sweden, 9:30am Dreamer, Stallet, University of Stockholm.
  • 50 Nov 29th Stockholm, Sweden, 8:00pm Beauty, Gardet.
  • 51 Nov 30th Stockholm, Sweden, 7:00pm Anansi, Gardet.
  • 52 Nov 30th Stockholm, Sweden, 8:30pm Miranda Zupp, Gardet.
  • 53 Dec 1st Stockholm, Sweden, 3:00pm Returning, Stallet, University of Stockholm.
  • 54 Dec 2nd Stockholm, Sweden, 9:00pm Dirty Clothes, Gardet.
  • 54 Dec 6th Shrewsbury, UK, 9:45am Dog and Bird, Bookfest University Centre Shrewsbury.
  • 55 Dec 6th Shrewsbury, UK, 11:00 am Swimmy, Bookfest University Centre Shrewsbury.
  • 56 Dec 6th Shrewsbury, UK, 12:45pm Swimmy, Bookfest University Centre Shrewsbury.
  • 57 Dec Paris, France, 3:00pm The Leader’s Journey, Paris 8, CreaTIC, Montparnasse.
  • 58 Dec Paris, France, 10:30 am Four Sectors, Paris 8, CreaTIC, Montparnasse.
  • 59 Dec 22nd Runcorn, UK, Yukki Onna, 5:00pm, Creative Support, Halton Lodge.
  • 60 Dec 24th Chester, UK, Peacock, A & J, Roodee.
  • Owens, A. & Passila, A. Pause Festival Lahti, Lahti Youth Services, Artistic Co-lead, 19th-21st July, 2017.
  • Owens, A. Returning to Haifa, Intercultural Conference, Curious Minds, Performance/Workshop/Keynote, Garratt Studio Theatre Storyhouse 12th July 2017.
  • Owens, A. Beyond Text Project, The Man Who Carried his Mother Pretext, Principal Investigator, Vic, Spain, 10-18th May, 2017.
  • Owens, A. Green, N. Ohashi, Y. Going Somewhere Pretext, Intercultural Applied Drama Project, NEC Katayanagi Institute, Tokyo, Japan, 21-26TH April, 2017.
  • Owens, A., Green, N. Ohashi, Y. Pretext Symposium Group. Shinagawa Community Centre, Tokyo, Japan, 27th-28th, April 2017.
  • Owens, A. , Green, N. Ohashi, Y. Going Somewhere Pretext Performance, Ota City Municipal Building, Fukashima Province, Japan, April, 30th-May 1st, 2017.
  • Owens, A. and Ohashi, Y. Urashima Pretext, The Hive Arts Centre, Shrewsbury, UK, March 2nd 2017.
  • Owens, A. Dreamer Pretext Performance, University of Girona, Catalonia, Spain.
  • Owens, A. Returning Pretext Performance Theatre Pa tothom, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.
  • Owens, A. The Peacock Pretext, Performance, Riverside, University of Chester, 6th January 2017.
  • Owens, A. Green, N. Ohashi, Y. Echo of Dreams Pretext, Intercultural Applied Drama Project, NEC Katayanagi Institute, Tokyo, Japan, 21-26TH April, 2016.
  • Owens, A. , Green, N. Ohashi, Y. Echo of Dreams & Returning to Haifa Pretexts Shinagawa Community Centre, Tokyo, Japan, 27th-28th April, 2016.
  • Owens, A., Green, N. Ohashi, Y. Swimmy Pretext Performance, Community Hall (1) Bhudist Centre Fukashima (2), Fukashima Province, April, 30th-May 2nd 2016.

Start Date


Activity/Expected Outcome

Collaboration Details

Sept 2013 - July 2015 Drama connecting People: Working with marginalized groups Find out more. Grundtvig Project, E Book publication Gruntvig European Partners, Austria, Estonia, Finland, Germany
10th-12th June 2015 Rattling: Arts Based Initiatives in Learning and Transformation Find out more. Joint track chair with Dr Anne Passila 10th International IFKAD Conference Bari, Italy
10th November 2014 - July 2015 Arts Based Initiatives: Creating a sustainable model HEIF KT Project Anne Passila, LUT Finland, Frodsham Foundation, Monica Bagioli University of Arts: London College of Communiication
6th-7th March Reflexivity: Arts in Organisations Find out more. RECAP/Liverpool Tate, Learning Jam 2 day event, delegates from Denmark, Norway, Finland Funded by the Society for the Advancemnet of Management Studies I association with Gnosis Liverpool Management School, LUT Finland and RECAP
15th February 2015 Ongoing Interpreting the Live, Profound Pedagogy Project Chester Zoo Learning and Discovery Department
10th November 2014 – May 2015 Frodsham Foundation Stage 2 Find out more. Public Participatory Consultation Frodsham Foundation
10th Jan - 19th October 2014 Frodsham Foundation Stage 1 Find out more. Participatory brokerage process Frodsham Foundation and RSA
26th-27th August 2014 International Summer School & Learning Jam Find out more. A two day participatory process on arts based initiatives Anne Passila, and Kai Lehikoinen Theatre Academy-University of Arts, Helsinki at the Arts Lab Copenhagen and the Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
3rd-4th July Writing Seminar Henrik Sproedt (SPIRE) Sclesweig Holstein
28th June - 2nd July 2014 Applied Dram and Theatre Seminar Preben Fris, interactive co-development workshops SPIRE Research Centre, Kolding, Design School, University of Southern Denmark
11th-13th June 2014 Arts Based Initiatives in Innovation and Organisational Development Find out more. With Dr Anne Passila, LUT, Finland Joint Track Chair, IFKAD, Matera, Italy
March 2012 - December 2014 Gypsy Roma Traveller and Settled communities: an arts based research project Travelling methodologies’ series of pre-text performances, workshops, exhibitions and papers Barbara Pickford, Cheshire West and Cheshire Author & Prof Rob Hulme, Unit for Transprofessionalism University of Chester
22nd March 2013 Performance and Resistance Colloquium group paper chair Edge Hill University, Liverpool
16th March 2013 Drama the intercultural dimension: Practice and research One day conference RIC, University of Chester
10th-20th March 2013 European Intercultural Awareness and Competence Intensive Program The third of three EU funded ten day intensive programs investigating the use of creative pedagogies in approaching the intercultural dimension Universities of Chester, Flensburg (Germany), PHWien (Austria), Tartu (Estonia), Malaga (Spain), Linkopings (Sweden), Jyvaskyla (Finland)
28th Feb - 7th March 2013 Creative Pedagogies Comparative Study British Academy funded three year comparative project between North West UK and West Bank Palestine University of Bethlehem, Al Rowwda TC and An Najah University Nablus, Palestine
14th February 2013 Rashomon Pre-text and Workshop: l'educació; interaccions teatrals en l'educació artística, Performing education; drama interactions in Art Education Owens, A., Martinez, D. and Fabregas, A. Actuant Sala Gimnàs. Performaer and Workshop Lead an interculturally focused day-long program with students from Chester and Girona Facultat d'Educació i Psicologi, University of Girona, Spain.
4th Feb 2013 Knowledge Exchange open seminar. Interdisciplinary seminar to explore future collaborative projects Business Teatteri, Helsinki
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